About Us

Magutech was founded in 1997 and we have a wide range of products for numerous industries, from standard products to products made by customers requests and that is what makes us stand out. We are able to provide solutions for our customers. Magutech’ s policy is to always improve and and work at the high standards that our partners and customers demand.

Based in V. N. Famalicão, where the head office and production unit is located, Magutech has a diverse portfolio and range of clients.


To be recognized as a company of excellence in the production of optical parts, ensuring quality, effectiveness and efficiency in all our products, having as main competitive advantage the full adaptation to the needs of each customer, which allows us to achieve success.


We operate with innovative technology that enables greater product durability, quality and endurance, which together with a motivated and multidisciplinary team enables us to achieve our main goals.


We believe that people and the planet must be respected, so our main goals are to promote a working environment that enhances personal fulfillment and teamwork, and in a long-term become more sustainable.